A Word of Explanation

Welcome to my political commentary blog. I figured I’d use this introduction to explain how I arrived at writing this blog. I grew up as a Conservative Republican and went through college and law school essentially holding to those beliefs. Being an Evangelical Christian as well, I would have been considered a member of the Religious Right. However, over the last few years, I became increasingly disillusioned by the Republican party. For instance, I believe in conservative fiscal policy, so I could not agree with continuing massive tax cuts aimed at the wealthiest Americans while the country had a serious budget deficit which was only increasing due to fighting two wars. I am also a firm believer in the rule of law, so I took issue with the Bush administration using the cloak of national security to deny habeas corpus rights. Finally, the politics of fear & division used by the Bush political team, turned me off. Especially, their use of the War in Iraq, which I now believe was a major mistake.

In 2008, this caused me to do what 5 years before, I would have thought to be the unthinkable – I voted for a Democrat for President. In supporting Barack Obama and since I am an advocate by trade, I decided to write a political essay setting forth my rationale. I enjoyed the process so much, I was looking for an outlet to continue my political thoughts. When my cousin started a personal blog, it gave me the idea to start a political commentary blog.

Like the name suggests, I still consider my self a conservative as many of my political stands are conservative, but I definitely have a more progressive line of thinking. You should see both sides come out as I post. Some of the posts will be more analysis while others will be more editorial and take a position. I look forward to any feedback. Let me know if there is a topic you would like me to discuss (see my contact info at the bottom of this page).


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Political Philosophy Quiz

I was doing some research on some Congressmen yesterday when I ran across this website which I found very interesting. You should select political philosophy at the top & then answer the twenty questions below. It will then tell you where you fall on the political spectrum, which are shown in quadrants of Liberal, Libertarian, Conservative and Populist, with a box for moderates in the middle. Anyone want to guess where I fell? Let me know where you fell as well. I'll post my result in a couple days.


  1. When I took the quiz, I ended up being smack in the middle - a moderate. I don't think the red dot could have been more centered. Thing is it's not that I am undecided about things, I am so extreme on different ends for different issues that I don't think it knew what to do with me.

  2. I'm in the lower right corner of the Moderate box, myself--diverging from center in a Populist and Conservative direction.